Leeal Meow
Portfolio de Leeal.
Nothing can stop me now...

Portfolio de Leeal.

Nothing can stop me now...


About Me

An explosion of multi-coloured marbles waiting to happen. I'm a semi-professional model based in Glasgow, I've been modelling for over a year now, I'd like to think I'm fairly experienced, more so in some areas than others. I'm creative, energetic and more than a bit eccentric, but hey it works so I'm not going to fix it :p I'm happy to work with anyone who has a good, creative mindset and I don't really like timewasters :p If you'de like to find out more, whether it's what my hair colour currently is, who shot a particular picture in my portfolio or even to book me, feel free to e-mail me or drop me a line on the sites linked over there ------->

Thanks for having a glower :p


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